Our vision

Empowered leaders who can positively transform the Senegalese society.

Our mission

Strengthen the capacities of leaders.

Our values

Our Team


General Director

Daniel Holcomb is the General Director for Connecting Leadership Resources (CLR) in Dakar. Mr. Holcomb holds a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology from LeTourneau University (one of CLR’s partners in the USA). He holds a Commercial Pilot certificate, Flight Instructor certificate and an Aviation Maintenance Technician certificate. He grew up in Africa and in addition has over 18 years of business experience in Africa. In North Africa he was the Technical Director for a transformer maintenance company and in Senegal established a 3-year automotive mechanics school program.


Director of Programmes

Ken Blackwell moved to West Africa with his family in 1988. Guinea being a rich source of learning and experience for him, he stayed there for almost 20 years. In Dakar since 2015, Mr. Blackwell, is the Director of the “Successful Business Principles” program at CLR. He works with business owners and executives in order to strengthen their skills and empower them to become leaders who think “outside the box” and strive to always grow professionally. A certified professional coach, Ken is passionate about training and coaching, helping leaders to meet the growing demands of Senegal’s place in the increasingly competitive international market.

Johannis OKKER

Administrative and Finance Director

Johannis OKKER received his training in Mechanical Engineering and International Marketing and Sales. He started as a project engineer in an international engineering and production company with more than 4,500 employees. Thanks to his abilities, he quickly became a project manager. Johannis Okker successfully completed many international multi-million dollar projects. In doing so, he eventually became head of the project department and joined the management team of the company's production unit. The projects he and his team have worked on can be described as high-tech, high risk and under high time pressure and can be found all over the world. During his time as head of the project department, he also had his own small scale company in the field of marine services to government, business and private sector. In addition, he has also been president of several foundations dedicated to the well-being of society.


Executive Assistant and Hospitality Coordinator

Rebecca Holcomb's background is as a Registered nurse, having worked as an Oncology Nurse, a Labor and Delivery Nurse and a School nurse. She has also started a prenatal clinic in Northern Senegal and worked as a doula, facilitating better birth experiences for women. Rebecca has lived in Africa for 35 years. Since moving to Dakar in 2016, she has assisted her husband in expanding the services of the CLR and continued her education to become a licensed personal coach, expanding her birth coaching experience to helping those in the marketplace improve their experience as well. Coaching is a holistic approach to helping clients achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves and to become better leaders of others. Rebecca has committed her life to helping others achieve health whether that is for their bodies, their families or their businesses.